In January 2010, MBS ltd completed a project for a BBC programme called the ‘Cowboy Trap’. The programme ‘puts right’ appalling work done by dodgy builders, and they called us in to 'mend' a property in Clacton. It will be aired in late May/early June 2010.

"Ian and his team exceeded our expectations on every level with their enthusiasm and professionalism. Clive was knocked out by the standard of workmanship and the fantastic results achieved. Their generosity and kindness has made an immeasurable contribution towards getting someone we really wanted to help get back on her feet. Clive phoned me not once but twice to tell me how good that render was - honest Jerry he didn't even use a template - he did it freehand! Amazing and they're even going back to paint it when we've gone. These guys go the extra mile."
- BBC Producer for 'Cowboy Trap'.